Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How do I make a reservation?

The fastest way to make your car rental reservation is to use our online reservation system at the main page. Of course you can always contact us for further information, at

What is included in the rental price?

The rental price includes:

  • All standard vehicle insurances, including third-party liability insurance and accident insurance for the driver and the owner.
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with a predetermined amount of own risk.
  • Unlimited mileage, or if this is not the case, the clear number of km included, with the cost of each extra km.
  • 24% VAT Tax.
  • 24/7 road assistance, every day of the year.
  • Theft Protection – you won’t be liable for any damage to your rental vehicle if it gets stolen; but it is worth remembering that Theft Protection doesn’t apply to any personal items that you may have left in the vehicle.

What kind of insurance do you offer?

We offer:

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) – included in the rental price
  • Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW)
  • Gravel Protection (GP)
  • Sand & Ash Damage Waiver (SADW)

What documents do I need to bring for renting?

All you need is:

  • a valid Passport for the designated driver as well as any additional drivers
  • a valid driver’s license for the designated driver as well as any additional drivers
  • a valid Credit card (Visa/Mastercard)

What are the minimum age requirements for renting?

  • The Lessee/driver of a passenger car or a jeep has to be at least 20 years old and driver license held for at least one year.
  • The Lessee/driver of a luxury car has to be at least 25 years old and driver license held for at least one year.

Does the credit card holder have to be the driver?

No, but the credit card holder does has to be present.

Can someone else drive a car that I rent?

Yes, but we will need to see the driver’s license and he has to be at least 20 years old.

Is there an additional charge for more than one driver?

Yes, additional charges apply when rental vehicle will be driven by more than one person.

How do I pay for the rented car?

If paid online we accept all major credit and recent debit cards via a safe payment site at Valitor. If booked via e-mail or phone and the payment will be made at pick-up we can accept all cards and cash.

Can I check the rates without making a reservation?

Of course, just fill in our search form on the home page and press “search”. There you will see the prices of the cars we have available at the given time.

Is it possible to cancel my reservation after it is confirmed?

Yes, we allow you to cancel your online reservation and we charge no cancellation fees.

You can easily and quickly cancel your car rental booking by sending us an e-mail at

Following refund conditions apply:

  • If you cancel the booking 30 days or more before pick up time, you get 100% refund of what you have already paid.
  • If you cancel the booking 7-29 days before pick up time, you get 50% refund of what you have already paid.
  • If you cancel the booking 0-6 days before pick up time, you get no refund of what you have already paid.

Payment options

You always get our best rates if you order and pay online, using a credit or recent debit card. You will be sent from our site a safe payment site at Korta.

If you wish to pay with cash at pick-up, please send us an e-mail at

Can I get a good price if I rent a vehicle for a longer period of time?

If you make your reservation with our online booking system you get 10% discount on all of our cars, if you book for a week or more.

If you are planning to stay for a long time we can always make you a special offer. Please send us your travel plans at or give us a call at +354 611 5666.

Can I rent a car if I don’t have a credit card?

No, we’re sorry but we need a valid credit card to make the booking.

How do you protect my personal and credit card information online?

The online reservation service is located on a secure server that guarantees the safety of a transaction. The system uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypting technology. SSL works by encrypting all communications between your computer and our server so the information cannot be intercepted. All of the payments you make online, and your card information, go through a safe payment site at Korta.

Is there a minimum car rental period?

No, you can book a car for as little period as one hour. But since the amount of work we have to do, including cleaning and servicing the car, is the same whether you rent it for some hours or over night, we do need to charge for a whole day.

Do you offer accessories with your rentals?

Yes, you can see our list of accessories and their prices here.

How do I reach the emergency services?

Please call +354 611 5666 for Akureyri rent a car | Icelandcar road assistance service and 112 for the Icelandic National Emergency Service.

What should I do in case of an accident?

Call 112 (Icelandic National Emergency Service).

In the event of a collision or accident, the renter shall immediately notify the appropriate police authorities as well as Akureyri rent a car | Icelandcar of the incident, and the renter may not leave the scene before the police have arrived.

Do I need to return the car with a full tank?

Our vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel and you should return the vehicle with a full tank. Otherwise, you will be charged for missing fuel at the end of the rental. Our rates do not include fuel. Refuelling charge applies.

How do I return my car?

You should return your car at the location you have agreed with Akureyri rent a car | Icelandcar, so we can inspect the car for damages and fuel sufficiencies. Please, have all necessary papers for the rental car with you.

What does „F-road“ mean?

Icelandic F-roads are mountain roads which are marked with an F, for example F210. F-roads are only suitable for 4×4 vehicles. Therefore, if you intend to drive on F-roads make sure you book a 4×4 vehicle.

Why are only 4×4 vehicles allowed to drive F- roads?

F-roads are not allowed for passenger cars. The reason is that F-roads are not regularly maintained and therefore there can be big holes or large rocks on the road that can damage the under body of the vehicle which can result in a very high cost for the lessee.

Are there any other roads (that are not marked with an F) that are only suitable for 4×4 vehicles?

Yes, Kaldidalur valley (road 550), Kjalvegur (road 35) and Jökulhálsleið (road 570) are only suitable for 4×4 vehicles even though not marked with F.

Who is responsible for parking tickets during the time of rental?

The renter is responsible for all parking tickets and fines for traffic violations so please be careful.

Do you offer a shuttle service?

No, but we do offer delivery at your hotel or accomodation within the city of Akureyri.

If I have forgotten my driving licence, can I nevertheless take the vehicle ?

No. The driving licence is mandatory for renting a vehicle, as Icelandic laws require every driver to have them ready when driving.

Is it allowed to smoke in the rental car?

Smoking is prohibited in all of our vehicles, if this is ignored a cleaning fee will be charged.

You can always give us a call for more information at +354 611 5666 or simply send us an e-mail to

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